WTF, Don't Call Me Up, None Of My Business, Try GLMV (Thanks For 19k SUBS!!)

Songs used: WTF, Don’t call me up, None of my business, Try

WTF original song:
Nightcore Version:

Don’t call me up original song:
Nightcore Version:

None of my business original song:
Nightcore Version:

Try Original Song:
Nightcore Version:

Thank you everybody for watching this amazing 4 songs in a glmv!!

It is my first time putting this bunch of songs in it!! I usually make a glmv with only 1 song in it 🙂

BUT HEY, atleast i put so much work into this glmv (I THINK I DID)

And forgive me if there is a lot of mistakes in this video, i was in a rush wanting to finish this video quicker so that i can get to work on other videos that i wanted to do and upload them up!!


i hope i don’t get copyright since i used too many songs in this video :'( #WTF


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