Top 10 WTF Commercials! 📺

The 10 funniest commercials with the best WTF moments and bizarre sense of humor! Which commercial makes you really go like “WTF!?” TURN ON SUBTITLES!
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Top 10 WTF TV Commercials:

intro with an unborn baby that gets born too early because of a Dorito chip (Dorito’s commercial).
#10 Chinese woman in the laundromat pushes black man in the washing machine and transforms into a Chinese (Qiaobi detergent advertising)
#9 Where’s my chips? Beneath your breasts ma’m. (Nando’s commercial).
#8 Brown bear at therapist wants to become white (Verena L-Gluta Berry Plus commercial).
#7 Father is mother, and son is a marionette puppet (Vivident Blast commercial).
#6 Man walks into a sauna, but happens to be in Gordon Ramsay’s hotel kitchen: “should have gone to Specsavers” (Specsavers ad).
#5 Mountain goat makes private movies in the mountains. (TomTom Badass commercial).
#4 Melissa McCarthy helps saving the world (KIA Niro car commercial)
#3 Father and son vs. panda at the supermarket. “Never say no to panda” (Panda cheese commercial).
#2 Scary man covered with ice cream eats from his head with a spoon (Little Baby’s Ice Cream commercial).
#1 Terry Crews wants to thank Brazil (Old Spice commercial) “Papapapapapa Power!”

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