Smite Best WTF Moments

Smite Best WTF Moments
Smite Best of WTF Moments

Smite God gameplay, build and guide(game in arena, joust, conquest, clash, assault, 1v1, ranked, duel, pc, ps4, xbox)
Smite pentakill, moments, top 5 plays, Smite pro, tournament, funny moments, montage Episode #1!


All Smite Best Moments here:
All Smite Best of here:
All Smite Best of Gods here:

You can send me your highlights, your pentakill, wombo combo, outplay, escape, comeback, bug, steal, fail and your games in normal or ranked mode(pc or console plays – ps4, xbox) here: [email protected]


Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:
Video 4:
Video 5:
Video 6:
Video 7:
Video 8:
Video 9:
Video 10:
Video 11:
Video 12:
Video 13:
Video 14:
Video 15:
Video 16:
Video 17:
Video 18:
Video 19:
Video 20:
Video 21:
Video 22:
Video 23:
Video 24:
Video 25:
Video 26:
Video 27:

Music: Dark Red Wine – Audionautix, Dougie Wood – Beach Disco, Hit the Switch – Silent Partner, Catch a Way – Everet Almond

Outro Music:


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Smite by Hi-Rez Studios, free moba co-op, video game, entertainment
Licensed under Creative Commons: #WTF


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