Douglas Engelbart's Symposium – WTF and the importance of human/tool co-evolution

[Recorded on December 9, 2018]

On the 9th of December 1968, Doug Engelbart and his small team ushered in the Information Age with a groundbreaking demo, which came to be known as the Mother of All Demos. They were the first to provide a working, integrated vision of the computer as a tool for capturing and sharing knowledge at a vast scale, and they invented the key enabling technologies, including windows, hypermedia, graphical user interface, efficient navigation and command input, video conferencing, the computer mouse, word processing, dynamic file linking, revision control, and collaborative real-time editing, not to mention trail-blazing work on the first computer networks. Less known were his proven innovation strategies that drove their breakthrough work. Today, we all use many parts of Engelbart’s prescient vision from fifty years ago – while some of the more profound parts remain still unrealized.

Exactly fifty years later, on December 9, 2018, members of Engelbart’s original team and distinguished computer and internet pioneers, along with exceptional thought leaders, will convened for the The [email protected], THE ENGELBART SYMPOSIUM.

This video contains Tim O’Reilly’s talk titled “WTF and the Importance of Human/Tool Co-evolution.”

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